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It's been 20 years ...

since we won a Rose Bowl (you know the Bowl game UCLA used to shoot for during the 80s and also in the 90s (well we did shoot for Fiesta in 98 and settled for the Rose)). Here is Eric Ball running away from Hayden Fry's Hawkeyes in the 1986 RoseBowl:

From the Tournament of Roses:

1986 - UCLA 45 Iowa 28
Terry Donahue runs his personal Rose Bowl winning streak to three as UCLA (8-2-1) subdues the 10-1 Iowa Hawkeyes of Hayden Fry 45-28. It is "a Ball" for UCLA, Eric Ball to be exact. Replacing the injured Gaston Green, freshman Ball scores four touchdowns and gains 227 yards. Backup quarterback Matt Stevens, sub for the injured David Norris, picks Iowa apart, passing for one score and going over himself another time. Iowa quarterback star Chuck Long is sacked four times while completing 29 of 37 passes.
It is weird to see the string of HUGE BOWL games on television in the New Year (ending this year with the championship game at our home stadium), knowing we still don't have a program that even has a prayer for getting into either a Rose or a Sugar or a Fiesta ... heck I will take the Cotton Bowl! All we got is a win over a Big-10 powerhouse Northwestern team since Cade's win at the Cotton Bowl almost a decade (well 8 years) ago.  Next year ... we will win something like 7-8 games, probably get blown out and embarrassed at South Bend, and then lose to SC, end up in the bowl. But we will asked to be shooshed again by the Dorrell supporters claiming all signs (of mediocrity - we are "10-2" baby) point towards progress in the BruinsNation since it was only Ben Olson's first year in Dorrell/Cable's WCO (after all it took the DO three years to learn it, so we should give the BO same amount of time right?). Hey ... it's all good ... at this rate some day KD will become a legend too - of the Sun Bowl!! GO BRUINS.