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Coach K campaigning for his alter boy to be a (Pac-10) head coach?

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Well per CBS Sportsline's Doyle - yet another of Coach K's alter boy may be in line to become a D-1 headcoach totally ruining that program (well Amaker maybe ... just may be an exception to the rule):

We're hearing: Duke aide Steve Wojciechowski will be Oregon's next coach.

Explain: Oregon is Nike, and Nike is Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski. Therefore, Oregon is Coach K. And Coach K wants Wojo at Oregon.
I can already imagine Hariston and Brooks getting all fired  up over Eye of the Tiger:

Lets see if this turns out to be true. I am sure these guys will have a reaction. Man Howland and his staff may just able to put down a total lockdown on Oregon's recruiting scene if this clown replaced the current clown (aka Grace Jones) as the next Oregon head coach. Hopefully I will have time to comment more on that later this week. GO BRUINS.