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Fair and balanced ...

CollegeHoopsGazette's Desmond Watson reports, you decide on world wide leader's coverage of college basketball (emphasis mine):

According to sources other than ESPN, Duke's coach Mike Krzyzewski slammed a chair to the floor that bears his name during the first half of this weekend's game against Virginia. Krzyzewski was apparently upset with the play of freshman point guard Greg Paulus, and he vented his frustration by breaking a nearby chair.

Referees did not address the matter, and Mike Patrick of ESPN seemed unhappy that he had to comment on it at all -- even though, according to the Charlotte Observer, the attack on the chair was loud enough to turn heads throughout the crowd. The main topic of conversation at Cameron throughout the halftime period was, in fact, Coach K's behavior.

Many fans at the game made the comparison between their beloved Krzyzewski and his mentor Bob Knight's infamous his chair toss in 1985. It's an interesting teacher-student comparison, and of course there are other similarities between the two men--K's unsportsmanlike abuse of refs is so complete that his face can rarely shown during the action of games; his curses can be easily made out clearly when he's pictured full on.

Instead, ESPN in particular chooses to show him almost exclusively during slowdowns in the action. (When the cameras do show K going after refs, Patrick and Dick Vitale are both careful to make benign comments like, "Mike didn't like that call, did he?")


I could go on and on about the double standard Duke's coach enjoys, but the more important point is that ESPN has chosen to cover for him and build the Duke program up as a paragon of all things wonderful about college hoops. To hear Vitale and Patrick and Bilas tell it, you'd think Duke didn't offer certain majors that attract the majority of its players, that it graduates all its players (it does not, and according to Sports Illustrated its graduation rate is not the highest in the ACC), and that parents have never voiced displeasure with the way their kids were treated while in Durham.
Make sure to read Watson's whole post. And if you haven't yet cast your vote in our poll on who is the biggest douchebag analyst on Eastern Sports Programming Network. You can take a guess on who I voted for. GO BRUINS.