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Norton Rejects Dorrell ...

It's official. Probably the greatest LB in the history of UCLA football, turns down an opportunity to come back home to Westwood. Norton officially rejects Dorrell:

Ken Norton Jr., a former All-American and teammate of current UCLA coach Karl Dorrell at UCLA, turned down a job offer, perhaps to pursue an NFL job, sources said.

Norton is USC's linebackers coach, and coaching at UCLA's archrival rankled many Bruins fans. But the wooing of Norton was important since he and Dorrell appeared to have a falling out two years ago.

When Dorrell was hired three years ago, Norton was one of his biggest supporters, even attending the introductory news conference. However, the relationship became strained when Norton sought a position on UCLA's staff.

Initially, Norton previously said he was told he didn't have any experience. After spending a year as a high school assistant, Norton went back to Dorrell for a job, but was rebuffed. Norton wound up at rival USC as a graduate assistant, and was promoted to full-time assistant last February.
We will see if Norton ends up as an NFL coach.  But either way it doesn't look good when a former team-mate of Dorrell, one of his (former) biggest supporter rejects his offer to come back home to Westwood. In essense Norton is giving KD a vote of no confidence. Norton, a Bruin legend would rather stay at South Central or aim for unstable NFL gigs than come back home and be part of Karl Dorrell's mediocre football program:

This doesn't bode well for the future of this football program under Karl Dorrell. You'd think KD would able to win over a former team-mate to come back to his alma mater, take a permanent assistant position - so that he could perhaps position himself to take the reigns at DC, if the newest hire moves on (as his track record indicates he moves on after every 2 years). Norton did not want any part of it. Perhaps Norton knows UCLA is not going nowhere under the leadership of Dorrell. Hey at least we got some random defenseive backs coach from the NFL to be our new DC, even though he has never been a DC any level of organized football. Writing is on the wall. GO BRUINS.