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Dan Guerrero's misplaced priorities

So apparently UCLA's athletic director took the time to write this letter to the UCLA student section in Pauley (known as the Den) this week:

More than once at the UCLA/USC men's basketball game two weeks ago, selected students chanted a two-word insult toward the visiting team. The first of those words starts with an "F," exactly the grade I would have bestowed upon them for their objectionable judgment.

Such a cheer, if you can call it that, has no place in Pauley Pavilion. That our own fans (including children), alumni, faculty, coaches and team had to hear it made me feel embarrassed and ashamed.

Even worse was seeing the look on Coach Wooden's face, an icon who abhors profanity.

I love having the students strategically positioned in Pauley to serve as our 6th player. This team, as do all of our teams, needs you. I encourage you to wear "True Blue," be enthusiastic, be loud and supportive, have fun, and revel in our success and tradition. But please refrain from tarnishing the essential and elemental message UCLA wishes to deliver at every level, whether at home or on the road: we are a class act.
This is such hooey. So this is what DG does in his office writing silly letters, which will never have any effect. Perhaps he should spend more time on doing - like his job - which is to make sure Pauley's renovations are coming right along. We'd pay better tribute to Coach's legacy at UCLA by fixing up the House he built, instead of worrying about such nonsense about how our fired up student section is hurting bunch of Trojan's sensitive feelings by dropping few F-bombs (which we have been doing - oh I dunno - since UCLA came into being):

This is the most idiotic thing I have ever seen coming out of Morgan Center's PR department. And for this hapless Morgan Center that is saying something. No wonder these guys have no problem accepting 19-66 humiliations on the hands of USC. They seem to enjoy getting destroyed by those clowns from South Central and has problems with dishing some of their medicine back. This is a intra-city blood rivalry. Morons.