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Is Larry Kerr still employed at UCLA?

I mean what happened to that Buccaneers blitzing 4-3 defense that was promised in Westwood:

New defensive coordinator Larry Kerr will lead a rising UCLA unit that returns seven experienced starters. He comes over from Colorado State (ironically, a team they beat in 2002) to institute the Tampa Bay Buccaneers blitzing 4-3 defense, and his fast linebacking corps will benefit the most from this scheme. At weakside LB, sophomore Spencer Havner had the second-most tackles on the team by clogging running lanes and covering the pass from sideline to sideline (three INTs). Senior strongside LB Brandon Chillar is a solid all-conference player who can make the sure tackle and be effective on the blitz. True sophomore Justin London will step in to play MLB, and although he has shown flashes as a tremendous hitter in a garbage time, he will not be able to immediately replace leading tackler Marcus Reese. There is not much depth to help if London should falter or injuries should occur.
I don't think I need to link to any of the "defensive statistics" of Kerry's (this was a typo - but I will leave this one in) defense in Westwood. The question is why is he still on the staff after that 19-66 gangbang of December 3rd?