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Arizona's trailer trash ...

JD over at BruinHoopScoop is calling out the trailer trash of Tucson - whiny Lute Olson. Apparently Lute has been crying to reporters for Arizona being dropped out of the top-25 earlier this season. Here is Lute whining:

"I still don't understand it. I guess the fact we dropped out of there is due to the schedule more than anything else. If anything should convince they should play an easy schedule and play a lot of home games that would do it....I am sure many of the voters [weren't aware] we had the three losses [against] teams that were ranked and none of them were home games. I take that as a matter of voters not doing their job in checking."
Geez, can someone please call the whaaaambulance for Viagra Lute:
I believe that as Olson was saying this, Hassan Adams was playing a violin in the background and Mustafa Shakur was handing his coach Kleenex to wipe up all of the tears. Imagine that - pollsters not knowing what they're doing! News alert: despite providing talking points for fans like me, college basketball top 25 rankings have zero impact on the teams themselves. And no, please don't tell me that dropping out of the polls will hurt recruiting or the program's reputation - maybe at some unproven basketball school, but not at Arizona. Mike DeCourcy echoes long-held sentiments of Bruin fans and basically tells Olson to stick a fat Tucson cactus in his pie-hole (DeCourcy has slightly more tact). Bruins should expect a fiery Olson tomorrow, as he no doubt will be inspired by the success of fellow geriatric coaches Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden who met yesterday in the Orange Bowl.
Classic smack from JD. By the way one note. JD mentioned on HoopScoop how the loss against Cal reminded him of his freshmen year in 1994 when we lost to those guys at Pauly early in the season. (I am assuming JD was a freshman, since that was his first game camping out). Another note from that season, which happened to be my senior year in Westwood. We also beat Arizona that year at Tucson, which was played on a Thursday night. Ed O as he was all througout down the stretch during that magical season on fire at McKale. Not sure history is going to repeat for the Bruins tomorrow night. But let's hope Afflalo and the boys come out breathing fire looking a little bit like Ed, Tyus, Zidek, Chuck, Toby and JR. Can't wait.