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Fall of Troy?

I know we are having a little fun from last night's game, and it is still waaay too early to predict a demise of those scums from crosstown. Pom Pom will go out on the recruiting trail (in his own way) and get some serious players, and SC will be primed for another run with blue chippers like Booty and Sanchez vying for Leinart's spot. But heck ... it is still freaking hillarious to read stuff like this (from Simers of course):

I've been a Bruin fan for as long as I can remember.

The simple fact is, I like a team that has the ability to extend an unbelievable winning streak.

My favorite color, of course, has always been blue.

Now I have no idea how high Karl Dorrell jumped off his couch Wednesday night, but right now he can speak about winning his last game, while the other guy, old what's his name, has some explaining to do.

He can begin with a pair of fourth-down calls to go for it -- one in the first quarter, and another in the fourth -- and I know for a fact after watching Dorrell at work against USC, he would never have done that.

How do you measure greatness? USC went ahead 7-0 with a chance to make it 10-0, and maybe 17-0 before an ill-advised Reggie Bush lateral resulted in a turnover. All the momentum was going the Trojans' way, just as it had for Northwestern, who had built a 22-0 lead on UCLA in this year's all-important Sun Bowl.

Great teams, of course, bounce back to win, which allows me to mention Texas and UCLA in the same sentence.
Like I said before. Simers is neither a Trojan nor a Bruin.  He is just a snarky sports columnist who is basically the EDSBS of LA's sports MSM. He is always looking for good material to make fun off. And unfortunately for us over the last few years Dorrell and his staff have provided TJ with lots of good material. No reason to get all worked up over it. It makes us look silly. If UCLA football turns thing around (which I don't see happening under Dorrell), Simers will go on to the next target. Back in the day he was merciless against Garrett and Hackett. Who knows ... a miracle can happen. KD can turn out to be a decent coach, and UCLA will end its own insufferable streak against USC.  But for now just lol at the stuff Simers write.