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My Blue Heaven

UPDATED 12:41 am EST: What a freaking game. Incredible 48 hours for the BruinsNation. BRUINS WIN 85-79!!!! Bruins win at Arizona for the first time since Charles O'Bannon left Westwood (97). This felt like the 1991 Arizona game, when it was Edney's coming out part. This time it was Collison's coming out party, although it was a hobbled Jordan who iced the game. Lot more tomorrow! We will have lot more tomorrow, unless A or O wants to post something on the home page. I am tired, delirious and ready for some sleep.

Well now that Leinart and rest of his South Central gang are done choking away this season, time for Bruin basketball to take over the City of Angels. And tonight could be the start (although as mentioned before - this is going to be our toughest game of the regular season). Yes we have a huge basketball game tonight. LAT of course is all over the Rose Bowl, but they did manage to find a report who wrote this profile on Shipp, and the Daily News has a game day report keying on the much anticipated Afflalo v. Adams matchup. Nothing really new there.

BBR has an update on our injuries. Looks like Jordan didn't practice much this week, and seems like none of th Lavin leftovers (Fellins, Rubin, and hardluck Ced) even made the trip due to injuries.BBR also a piece on how much those Mildcats hate UCLA. Yeah, whatever we don't care much about those trailer trash either. This could be a fiery game tonight. We will see. Let's hope AA, Jordan can channel a little of this:

This will be tonight's LIVE IN GAME OPEN THREAD.