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Again - A Big F U to the "Worldwide Leader"

UPDATED 11:15 am EST: Joey also over at Schembechler Hall is piling on these idiots (his words). These clowns deserve it.

EDSBS joins the party Underbruin started over here:

Do you think the Longhorns watched all month as ESPN performed constant fellatio on the USC Trojans 2005 team? Did the feel just a bit disrespected that the worldwide leader spent far less time talking about the Rose Bowl matchup than they did mythically pitting USC's second best team in the last 2 years against historically great teams, only to find that noone could stop these Trojans? Perhaps Vince Young felt a little miffed when ESPN decided it would be the number campaigner for Reggie Bush's Heisman run. Well, Texas got the last word and it was a resounding one. Although Reggie Bush might make for a better pro prospect, Vince Young proved he was the best college player in the country last night. It was clear and unequivocal. Texas had to stop a myriad of USC future first rounders yet they were able to contain Bush save for one big play. USC had only to watch for one playmaker but Young was simply too good. Take that Bristol University!

Word. I lost faith in this "sports network" a long time ago:

And now that these football morons fade a bit during the offseason, the basketball ones will take center stage worshiping Coach K and Duke Basketball.