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Torturing Trojans ...

It's shaping up to be a nice morning in the BruinsNation. We have nothing against this kind of torment of those class assholes from South Central:

TRUE STORY: So I'm grabbing a drink in Brentwood near my place and watch the greatest(cough!) football(guffaw) team of all time lose on several big screens.

After the game, I'm out front among a huge crowd of bitter trojan fans when a bum comes up asking them all for change.

The Trojans all turn him down, they were fresh angry at what Vince Young did to their overrated defense. But the bum was loud and persistent- so then he hits me up for change.

I thought about saying no, then I got THE GREATEST IDEA EVER- I held out a dollar bill and I asked the back-packing bum if he knew the SC fight song . . . WOULD YOU BELIEVE HE DID?!!!! He sang Fight On in his best drunken voice. I gave him two dollars- but the look on those supposedly wealthy SC kids' face listening in horror was almost as priceless as Whineart's loser look- mutha dawwwwwg!!!!
Dunno if that is a true story or not, but it is effin' priceless.  Hey, I realize it should be us who should have taken care of business on December 3rd and expose the over-rated defense of OMG the greatest team ever! We have lost way too many in a row to these classless motherf*ckers and they own the scoreboard on us. But it was still priceless to see Pom Pom tear up like a little girl during the post-game interview on the field. Next time these punks come back to the Rose Bowl, Dorrell needs to replicate what Mack Brown did, as he will take on a Trojan squad without the ballroom dancer, Reggie Bush, and most likely Lendell White. GO BRUINS.