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Uncertainty in Dorrell's football program ...

While the basketball program is shining and the Bruins Nation is celebrating the glorious choke of those classless condoms on Wednesday, news/rumors coming out of Dorrell's (mediocre) football program are not so promising. So far here are some of the rumors that are being propagated by faceless, nameless, Bruin fanatics via the internets. We report (the rumors), you decide how bad it really is:

Kerr is staying?:First here is the most disturbing rumor coming out of Westwood. Apparently KD is retaining Larry Kerr, our defensive coordinator, who is such a pathetic joke that we don't have to provide links showing how he probably is one of five worst DC in D-1A college football if not the worst. Everyone wants this loser gone. KD is apparently rewarding Kerr for that 19-66 ass raping in the hands of USC, by bringing him back for one more year. In other words, if this turns out to be true, then it will only show KD is allright with UCLA's reputation getting embarrased, humilated, and destroyed turning it's defense into one of of the longest running jokes in the comedy circuit of college football. Pathetic.

Eric Bieniemy leaving?: Rumors are running wild on message boards (and keep in mind some of these sources are Trojans) that UCLA's best football recruiter may be leaving Dorrell to take an NFL gig with the Vikings. How important is Coach Bieniemy to Dorrell's football program. Well he is the not only the best recruiter in his mediocre coaching staff, he is one of the best recruiters in entire country:

Eric Bieniemy, running backs coach/recruiting coordinator, UCLA: The former Colorado star and Los Angeles native has significantly boosted the Bruins' efforts in inner-city L.A. since bolting Colorado in 2003 (not coincidentally, the Buffs' SoCal pipeline has dissipated since his departure). Bieniemy was largely responsible for landing star tailback Maurice Drew at UCLA and current Wisconsin standout Brian Calhoun (formerly of Colorado).
So yeah, not good at all if this is true. Let's see how it unfolds. BTW, did you note the EB-MJD connection in that CNNSI blurb? Speaking of other half of this past season's 2LIVEDREW...

MJD is gone: Lastly, as A posted below MJD is gone. There will be a press conference tomorrow in which he will make it official. We wish Maurice nothing but luck in the NFL. But his decision is interesting (if not a little bizzarre), and it can certainly lead one to ask questions, whether MJD has any confidence in Karl Dorrell, and the direction of UCLA's football program under his mediocre leadership.

All I can say - thank God for Ben Howland and UCLA basketball. GO BRUINS.