MJD press conference not at UCLA?

From the diaries. More follow up on our former Heisman candidate's NFL press conference not being on campus. I pointed out how Texas's Heisman candidate had his press conference on campus. And it looks like SC's Heisman Winner will have his press conference on campus too. By the way Lendell White did have his press conference at home, but there have been stories on how Lendell and Pom Pom were not exactly best of friends and Lendell not being so happy how the playing time shaped up this season. Again Drew is too nice a kid to say anything about Dorrell or the Bruin football program in public, but something seems kind of weird here. You'd think both Drew who loves UCLA so much and the PR dept. at Morgan Ctr. could work something out so that he could have flashy press conference on campus getting more pub. on his decision and perhaps boost his marketability. After all isn't that one of the main lure of attending a school like UCLA - having access to the No. 2 media market in the nation? Something is off. -N

It seems really strange that UCLA's best player in offense - in many ways the heart and sould of this team - is having a big press conference, and is not at UCLA:

UCLA running back Maurice Drew is expected to declare himself eligible for the NFL draft today at a news conference in Concord, Calif., a family source said Friday. Specially weird considering this: Drew exhibited no signs of turning pro until after the Sun Bowl. Drew left that game in the first quarter with a separated left shoulder and returned for a couple of plays in the second quarter but was a non-factor.

Television cameras showed him trying to run back onto the field at one point but Dorrell grabbed him and pulled him back. Drew didn't look happy. Something really strange is going on with this football program. And Dorrell is not looking good when it comes to managing this football program.

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