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Bruised and battered (13-2) Bruins

We are pretty much at the midpoint of the season and find ourselves at no. 17 (moving on up), at 13-2, and tied for first place in Pac-10. Looking at rest of the scheduled I see us losing 4-5 more regular season games, heading into the Pac-10 tourney with a record of around 24-6, which is not bad considering my preseason expectation from this team was 19-9, at that point of the season. Again the story line from yesterday besides sloppy (interior) defense and offense in the first half is dominated by our unbelievable list of injuries:

Arron Afflalo left with a bruised hip after falling hard to the court after he made a shot and was fouled. Center Lorenzo Mata got hit in the nose and it could be fractured. He'll have an X-ray today. Mata had to shed his bloody No. 14 jersey and play with No. 44 the rest of the game. Mata might have to play with a facemask against Washington State on Thursday.

Afflalo scored 21 points - he made all 12 of his free throws - but didn't play in the final 1:58. He landed on his hip and backside after getting fouled. He made his shot but Darren Collison shot the free throw for him.

He went to the scorer's table to check in near the end of the game but coach Ben Howland ushered him back to the bench. Afflalo was checked afterward and didn't think he'd miss any time. He was just about the last healthy Bruin.

"It's just a couple of bruises, something ice will take care of," Afflalo said. "I'm just sore. It's nothing long term."
Gotta love AA, who also had this to add making no excuses for their sloppy play in the first half:
Afflalo, who led the Bruins with 21 points, wasn't buying the fatigue excuse. "We are all young men," he said, "and this is what we do. Kids our age should be able to play all day."
They did come out in the second half with more intensity, and their team-leader and pg bailed them out with an Edneyesque shot, even playing with one leg. I wonder if Viagra Lute was watching the game on Saturday or saw the winning shot higlights, after asinine half time comments during the halftime of Thu. night game when he supposedly implied JF is "too small" to go to his left. lol. Anyways, back to our sloppy play in first half, BBR has this:
The Bruins played perhaps their worst defense of the season in this game. The Sun Devil guards Kevin Kruger and Antwi Atuahenewere repeatedly dribble-penetrated into the paint for dishes to teammates inside for easy scores - the two combined for 12 assists in the game.

In addition the Bruins did not defend against Arizona St.'s pick in roll, as the Bruin defenders were very slow to rotate to the open screen/roll player and the Sun Devils, especially Angounou, were getting easy layups and dunks throughout the game. Arizona St. shot FG 47.2% for the game.

On offense the Bruins began the game settling for outside shots - and they were not hitting them either. The Bruins shot only 36% for the game and were 1-15 from 3PT.
Well one thing Bruins did  - specially in the 2nd half was to attack the basket, and AA before he got hurt started going to the hoop, drawing fouls, and making all of this FTs. Let's hope AA, Mata, Jordan heal up in next couple of days and come out with intensity this Thursday night against the Cougs. I don't want to get caught up on speculating how far this team is going into the tourney, given our injuries. Right now all I want is for us to sweep our home games this upcoming week. That will work for me for now. GO BRUINS.