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Crooks and liars

No I am not talking about a certain media blog, I am talking about one of the most notorious crooks of college basketball. Yeap, apparently Jerry Tarkanian, one of the most corrupt scumbag coaches in the history of college basketball is out there whining about Howland's scheduling at UCLA.  Jeremy over at Bruin Hoop Scoop flags the shark's pathetic foolio attack:

Shark bite: Jerry Tarkanian, on his Sirius Satellite Radio show Friday, complained about schools scheduling weak opponents.

"I mean, it is absolutely sickening," he said, "and it is a reflection on the athletic director.

"UCLA is a good example. I love Ben Howland, and he's doing a great job, but, God, they're playing some of the worst teams I've ever seen UCLA play." (emphasis ours)
Of course Jeremy does the easy work of lampooning the old man's senile take by pointing out that UCLA's non-conference SOS is ahead of all but three of the top D-IA teams and in the top 12% of all Division 1 programs. Nice quick work over there by  JD.

My question though is WTF people are printing this douchebag's takes on college basketball. After all no one is beating down the door of this guy to get his takes on major league baseball:

Shouldn't a crook like the Tark be also completely ignored by a tradional media like the LA Times? What a tool.