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Bouncin' around the "internets"

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UPDATED: Am I reading this wrong? Bruins in CBS Sportsline's top-5? Way way too high. We are not a top-10 team yet. We will learn about us in next 6 games.

UpNorth, a poster over at Bruinzone has a listing of records after 15 games for 1980-2006. Check it out.  Really puts this season in perspective given the injuries on our roster. Frank Burlison (FoxSports) takes note of the huge win at Tucson:

UCLA's 85-79 Pac-10 conference victory at Arizona on Thursday was huge for coach Ben Howland's Bruins. Making the victory all the more impressive was that UCLA played with only freshmen and sophomores, and that point guard Jordan Farmar is still operating at a lot less than peak proficiency because of a gimpy ankle.
Mike DeCourcy over at Sporting News looks at the our tough road ahead:
Hellacious road: UCLA. This is why I continue to argue against the NCAA Tournament selection committee's using a team's final 10 games as a factor in choosing and seeding teams: Five of the Bruins' last seven games are on the road, including visits to the two Washington and Northern California schools.
Speaking of hellacious road ahead ... this week we have the Washington schools and first up is Washington State, who in case you missed it this weekend defeated (pre-season conf. fav.) Washington in Seattle. Impressive win for Dick Bennet's Cougs who were playing without their starting pg. They are going to be (quoting Steve Lavin) a tough out this Thursday night. But I still expect us to win. And, also impressive were the Moutaineers of West Virgina, who beat up on No. 3 Villanova (at Nova) this past weekend. WVa of course are also going to be coming out to Pauly on January. So in other words - we are now set up for a killer homestretch featuring - WSU, Washington, SC, WVa, ASU, and Arizona. Needless to say we can really help our seedings prospects in the Big Dance, if we can hold serve at home for next three weeks.

Let's quickly shift gear to the football program. Everyone knows by now that Vince Young had his big press conference last weekend announcing that he was going pro. But unlike our Heisman Candidate, VY had his big going-pro press conference on campus:

Photo credit: Rodolfo Gonzalez, AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATESMAN

You'd think something could have been done for MJD so that he could have his moment in the sun from a big blue and gold podium at Morgan Center, and give him as much attention as possible in the national media. Again something didn't go right. Anyways, let's think about hoops. That's where all the good things are happening these days. Can't wait for the next game. Is it Thursday night yet? GO BRUINS.