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Since Bruin quarterback position is such a hot topic this week these higlights couldn't be more timely. It was about time a Bruin fan loaded up these babies. Here is the greatest quarterback ever to play UCLA football (thank God for You Tube):

Many thanks to 'theriles" who loaded that YoutTube. The dude needs to load up the last minutes of that double OT '96 game against Southern Cal. If Pat Cowan shows 25 percent of Cade's fight, we are going to win this Saturday.

Riles also loaded up some other Cade higlights inluding this pass to Skip Hicks in that legendary route 66:

We are still waiting for something that special from Karl Dorrell. Remember he still hasn't beaten a team with winning record on the road. Perhaps Oregon game will be the start. As noted in our poll he is going to get three shots this season. Can he bring back some of those glory days? Time to find out the answers will probably run out after this season.