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Still Shots on Zona's (#53 Jason Parker?) Dirty Hit on Ben Olson

I know we need to move forward but what Little Stoops' dirty program did last weekend is worth another look.

Courtesy of Adak Bruin we now have still pictures on Zona's (Jason Parker #53?) dirty hit on Ben Olson:

More close up looks from AdakBruin's website here, here, and here.

Here again is the video now on YouTube:

As you can see from the closeups clear Olson had gotten rid of the ball and walking away at that point. At this point it is questionable whether somehow Jason Parker #53 (?) just ran into Olson. No one pushed him into Olson. It doesn't look like an accidental hit. It looks like vicious, cheap, dirty shot. And if it was planned by Zona, then there should be some severe punishments on the Zona program. The question is whether the Pac-10 managment and officials show some courage and make the right move? What do you think?

The phone number for Pac-10 is 925-932-4411. Call them and ask for thorough investigation and if it turns out Zona did use dirty tricks (as it appears from the replays and the still shots) then there should be severe consquences for Mike Stoops's football program.


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