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Dirty Cats ...

Before we go on to the news of the day we need to revisit the dirty, thuggish tactics of Mike Stoop's white trailer trash Arizona football program.  If you haven't seen the video on Ben's injury check it out again.

Bruin coaches and players are justifiably not happy. Dohn has the report on Zona's cheap shots:

UCLA was not pleased with the hit by Arizona's Jason Parker that knocked Olson out in Saturday's win against the Wildcats, nor were the Bruins pleased with a hit that left middle linebacker Christian Taylor with a sprained left ankle late in the first half and questionable for the Oregon game.

Bruins coach Karl Dorrell said complaints about both plays were forwarded to the Pacific-10 Conference's coordinator of football officiating, Verle Sorgen.

"It was low," Dorrell said of Parker's hit. "I think they did a dirty hit on Christian, too, but you know, that's part of the deal. ... We report what we think are malicious plays. We had a couple to report, both (on Olson's) and on Christian's."

Olson's injury occurred in the first quarter, when Parker dove into the lower portion of Olson's left leg, well after Olson released the ball on an incomplete pass.

"The guy was kind of tripped up," Dorrell said. "He was trying to come in. He may have got his feet tangled, but the bottom line, it was low."

Later in the half, Taylor suffered a sprained left ankle, and he said afterward it came on a late hit.

Taylor also accused Arizona of "cheap shots" during the game.
And those were not the only cheap shots. Later in the game IIRC another Zona defensive player took a cheap shot against Pat Cowan. If the Pac-10 officials have any balls (which they failed to showed at the face of whining from the other Stoops) then they'd dole out some suspensions.  But I guess we are not going to hold our breath considering this conference is led by the most incompetent and cowardly management in the entire college football. Karma will catch up with little Stoops sooner or later. His cheap, white trailer trash program will never go anywhere if his players keep it up.