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Vulnerable Oregon D

I know everyone will talk about the match up between Oregon's no. 4 ranked national offense vs. our much hyped improved defense. I think it will be our offense which will ultimately have to really step up for us to pull out a big win on the road this Saturday. At this point perhaps we can assume that the new and improved Walker defense will keep shining and be able to contain the Oregon offense within the low 20s. It will be up to the offense to score 25+ points against a wounded Duck defense. Can they do it?

Well I thought comments from ADQ, the prolific Duck bloggers of SBN on what will it take for the Bruins to pull out a win on Saturday are worthy of another looks. ADQ on keys to a Bruin victory:

Run the football. Again and again. Chris Markey can have a really big game against the beat up defensive line. Did you see Cal hand off to Forsett 20 straight times? Run the football and wear down the defense. Even mediocre back can have great games against the Ducks. Use the run to set up the pass, and when you do, go deep and test the corners. If you can get Oregon to cheat the safeties up to help the run defense, pick on the freshman corners one-on-one. But always play off the run, especially with a freshman QB. Oregon's offense on the field, you have a good shot.
Want to see what Forsett did to the battered and bruised Oregon defensive line. Here is a sample:

And this is how Cal superstar Desean Jackson (perhaps the best receiver in the Pac-10?) was doing to Oregon's young secondary:

I am not sure if any of our WRs have the speed of a Desean Jackson. Perhaps Austin does but he will probably not get any time on offense. But you kind of get the picture. Set up the Oregon D for big pass plays by running it down their throats.

Now obviously it will be important to get our running game going on Saturday. But that doesn't mean we should be running on first downs every single time. I really hope Dorrell and Svoboda will have a game plan, which will call for some pass plays on first down early on. I just hope we don?t keep running up the ball every single time on first and second downs, and not get our offense on second/third and long situations. And if we can call some pass plays on first downs using Cowan's athletic mobility early on, it will keep Alliotti's crew guessing on defense. Sure it would be nice to run the ball down their throats all day long, but in order for us to have an efficient offensive outing the offense will need to some at least some unpredictability on first downs.

It will be interesting to see what game plan Dorrell and Svoboda have in store for Saturday.