Daily News: New Trojan Basketball Arena Feels Like 'Costco'

Scott Wolf from the Daily News (a Trojan alum and apologist) has posted a review of the Galen Center. Apparently it feels like Costco and a little "drafty":

One of the other big problems is for fans sitting in the end zones. They are penned in by railing and unable to walk to the floor level or the other sections without walking all the way up the stairs and around the back of the arena.
This might be a way to keep students cooped up, but it exists on both sides.
Another problem was the draftiness, which used to be a negative at the Sports Arena. The area surrounding the concession stands was drafty and if ventured down to courtside where the volleyball teams benches were, there were also complaints.
Part of the draftiness also comes from the huge, sterile cement walls. It provided all the character of a Costco but I'm guessing decorations will be added soon.
Oh, and another thing. A foot-long hot dog for $7.50!!!! I am sure for "decorations" they can put up a banner when they win the consolation game of the NIT.

Go Bruins!!!

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