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Second String Jesus?

Well things went downhill for Ben Olson in a hurry ever since we stopped calling him Southpaw Jesus. Ben wasn't the same ever since we dropped "SPJ".

Given that so many in the Bruins Nation are raving about Pat Cowan's debut and Dorrell calling him "QB I-B" I think it is only fair to start calling PC second string Jesus:

Tom Mendoza/staff photographer, Daily News

Here is Dorrell in the LA Times:

UCLA Coach Karl Dorrell on sophomore quarterback Patrick Cowan, who will make his first college start after taking over for injured starter Ben Olson in last week's victory over Arizona: "He knows everything we have been able to do even when Ben was in there, and that was why we were able to operate so well when Ben went down?. They are both very similar. Pat has been here longer so he knows our offense as much as Ben does. He's right up there. That's why it does feel like a 1-B situation for us because he has been in it for three years."
Southpaw Jesus to Second String Jesus. Why not?

Perhaps that's the mojo we need to spark a satisfactory offensive performance (it's not like Svoboda/Dorrell's play calling has been working), we have not seen since the Utah game. And if he plays up to all the hype given by Dorrell, Svoboda, and his team-mates, then "second string Jesus" will find himself in position to bring home one of the more glorious wins in the history of Bruin football infront of Touchdown Jesus. No? Why not? What do you think?