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I believe that was the last time UCLA won a game on the road against a team with a winning record. Yeap it's been almost 4 years since Drew Olson and his team-mates pulled out a 34-24 win over Skip Neuhisel's Washington team, which went on to finish the season with a record of 7-6:

Despite being a true frosh, DO was steady, and QBed Bruins to a big road win
(AP Photo)

Will Dorrell finally, after more than three years as a head coach, be able to pick up his first win against a team with winning record on the road or will he run his horrific record to 0-8?

As we have discussed the whole week, this game could be his best chance (out of the tough three road games) to finally pick up that big road win (yeah we are not going to be serenading Dorrell after we post an expected win over a horrible Sundevil team at Tempe later in the season).

Let's hope he doesn't blow this litmus test tomorrow afternoon. I can't wait for this game.