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Bruin Players Laughing While Losing

A look into the character of Karl Dorrell's football program (emphasis mine):

I was at the game, two rows behind the Bruin bench....

Couple of items....Cowan is a leader....after his pic the coach was all over the wr, Cowan just kept saying forget about it we will get it back...He's a tough kid.

Jim Colletto, nothing, I thought he was a fiery guy...he is zip.

Many of the guys on the bench had smiles on their faces in the 4th quarter...That I couldn't believe....

Not one coach was trying to light a fire, not one...

Cowan is too green at this point, but he has football savy...he didn't get rattled...we just lost to a better team for a lot reasons everyone has already touched on...

But we have no fire at all.

What's bad is that our recruting classes have all been better than the Ducks, and they still kicked our ass today.
Is this Dan Guerrerro's vision of firing out when he brought in Dorrell to resurrect a proud football program in Westwood?

BTW the poster is not kidding about talent. Read this post on football recruiting classes again from this past summer. Compare UCLA's recruiting classes to Oregon's from last four years. Over all there is lot more talent in our roster and yet Dorrell managed to humiliate the program in front of the whole nation?

Again the question remains is this what Dan Guerrerro had in mind when he hired Dorrell to rejuvenate a talented but underachieving program in Westwood? Are the Bruins firing out or are they laughing into the college football's garbage disposal?