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Bruins Unite

Another very disappointing weekend.  By all accounts, a miserable failure by the Bruin coaching staff.  UCLA is indeed at a crossroads.  And, it may well be a time for action.

In my humble opinion, it is now unmistakable that KD isn't capable of shepherding the Bruins to the promised land.  KD will likely never be able to place UCLA back among the elite college football teams in the country.  I feel that I know this now.  And, I think that if we all take a moment of pause, step back, and look at what has happened at UCLA over the past 4 years, the conclusion is clear.  KD isn't the man for the job.  He's a decent fellow, but an average (at best) coach. We could argue all day about how bad he is, but it doesn't matter.  It's clear that he isn't capable of making the Bruins relevant on the national scene.  Or taking them to place where conference championships (not to mention NC's) are more than a remote possibility.  He's not what a university like UCLA deserves.  And, to some, this has been obvious for a long time.

That said, there are Bruin fans out there fighting hard.  And not to affect change in our wayward football program.  But to defend Karl Dorrell.  It's not the coaching, you see.  It's the players.  Subpar talent.  Bad officiating.  Unreasonable expectations.  Onerous admissions standards.  Etc., etc.  We've heard this song before.  And, to be honest, the chill of the dark Lavin years is present again.  The apathy.  The sad acceptance of mediocrity.  And more.

It's almost unbelievable.  Maybe because they're aren't too many folk like that here.  But they're out there.  And, just as they did a few years ago, they are working to divide the Bruins Nation and delay the inevitable realization that KD isn't the right man for the job.

"If you don't like KD, you must be a racist."

But, this isn't the time for infighting.  It's not the time for recriminations.  It's not a time for "blues" or "cranks" or "apologists" or "bashers."  It's a time for facts.  It's a time for unity.  Its a time for Bruins to come together to do what we know we need to do, even if it isn't so pleasant.

Up to this at this point, I don't blame folks who have supported KD.  To be fair, these things aren't always easy.  And, things are often 20-20 in hindsight.  As recently as this summer, I was willing to give KD a chance myself.  I truly wanted KD to succeed.  I wanted to forget his first two woeful seasons.  And credit him for a 10 win season, despite the way it happened.  I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, even if he didn't have the pedigree of a Ben Howland to deserve it.

But, if you are reading this, and you find yourself still supporting KD, I beseech you.  Take the time now to look around.  See what is happening.  Ask yourself if KD is capable of bringing us a national championship, or even a BCS bowl bid.  And answer honestly.  Recognize that a bare "chance" is not enough.  This isn't the lottery, or Johnny Cochrane arguing whether it's "possible" that the blood wasn't OJ's.  

No, Lloyd, you don't have a chance.

Humans are silly animals.  They like to pick sides and stick with it.  They're stubborn.  But, for just a while, let's forget whether or not you've supported KD in the past.  Try to set aside the cognitive biases that color your perception on this issue.  None of us really has anything invested in this, besides wanting UCLA to live up to its vast potential.

This shouldn't be an issue that divides.  It should be one that unites.  This is the university for which we bleed blue and gold.  

To many of you, I'm singing to the choir.  But, if I'm not singing your tune, just take a few moments, and look at the many facts available on this site and elsewhere.  Please.


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