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I wanted to note something else from Dorrell's latest disgrace which hasn't been widely discussed on various Bruin online communities.

Of course everyone is rightly upset about Dorrell's decision to surrender with 5 mins left in the game when he decided to punt away, and then had his team show absolutely no sense of urgency, wasting precious time away in UCLA's last scoring drive.

Lot of folks knew Dorrell may be some what stubbornly stupid or incompetent. After the game in Seattle it became obvious once again that he is a gutless and spineless head coach who refuses to make adjustments or make coaching moves to win the ball game.

Everyone remember how he failed to show courage when he had the chance against Southern Cal punting the ball away in Trojan territory instead of going for it on the fourth down.

Well on Saturday we had yet another evidence of Dorrell being a gutless coward:

A profile of cowardice - AP Photo

Does anyone remember the end of the first half?

Our defense stopped the Ducks on 3rd down and had them in a 4th and punt situation near the mid field with IIRC about 50 seconds left on the game clock.  My buddies and I are thinking - all right Karl is going to call a TO and force Bellotti to punt the ball - finally show some balls.  I mean why not. Perhaps we get a big punt return, get the ball back to midfield, and get a huge momentum boost putting us in a scoring situation right before the half.  I mean we could still shoot for a Kick it Karl FG and at least try to close the gap to 20-9 before the half and get into the locker room with some momentum on our side. Right?  Even Bellotti was expecting a TO and he had his punt team on the field.

So what does Karl do? He let the game clock run down.

Bellotti realizing he was coaching against a gutless coward, who would not take any chances decided to call a TO, and decided to go for it 4th and 7. He schooled KD on the spot. Of course the Ducks didn't make it, but it didn't matter. Since Bellotti knew the Coward was not going to try to score any points before the half any way.

Right then we kind of knew it was over.  We were after all were being led by a coward who will hardly ever take chances to win a big football game. It was at the end of the game we discovered something new about Dorrell. He is not only just a coward, but also a quitter.

Either way not a pretty sight for out football program.

The question is how long Dan Guerrerro will let this gutless quitter lead our football program. You can ask him the question by emailing him at