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Dorrell's (Almost) Fake Punt: Worst Call Ever?

Pulled from blustreet's diary entry with some content removed. This shit deserves front page honors--Ajax.

UPDATE: From Dohn's blog just posted:

there was a call in place for a fake punt with four minutes to go, but based on keys read by the signal caller on the line of scrimmage, the ball was punted. Dorrell said he didn't want to use a time out there because the Bruins only had one left, and he was hoping to use it at a later time.
Unbelievable. I mean any rational DC would have the defense line up for a possible fake punt. Who did Karl think he was fooling? Again he is either lying or he is dumber than we all think he is. This is amazing. - Nestor

I just heard Dorrell on the radio trying to explain the punting. He is saying that he was going to call a fake punt but Oregon's D lined up expecting a fake.