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Of course now the latest excuse from Westwood is that Karl the Quitter didn't have the team in a hurry up mode because of Cowan's throat injury didn't allow him to make the calls at line changing protection or calling audible.  Here is Dohn's report:

UCLA coach Karl Dorrell said Cowan lost his voice late in the loss to Oregon because of a hit to the throat. The hit caused inflammation around his vocal cords and landed Cowan in the emergency room when the team returned from Eugene, Ore., last Saturday.

"He had some problems on the way home from Oregon where it started to swell," Dorrell said. "He was coughing up some blood a little bit, so we went and took him to the emergency room when he landed."

Cowan was examined before the Bruins left Eugene and was deemed fit to fly, a school spokesman said.

Dorrell added a CT scan of Cowan's throat checked out fine, but he was diagnosed with an inflamed throat.
Sure hope Cowan is ready for this weekend.  But Dorrell's excuse that because of Cowan's injury they didn't go in a hurry up mode for last few minutes doesn't really fly. Don't the coaches have contingency plans in place such as going with hand signals should the QBs become inaudible in a loud visiting stadium? And if Cowan wasn't physically capable then why didn't they put in Osaar Rasshan? Was he adequately prepared and coached during the game week for emergency situations the week before the Oregon game? Dorrell being that sheer genius that he is will be looking to solve these issues the week after the damage has already been done:
The Bruins could install hand signals for the game, have the receivers who shuttle in the play calls recite plays in the huddle or find other means for Cowan to communicate with the line and backs and receivers. "Now that we're at this point and in this week of practice, we're going to have to find a means of communication for him," Dorrell said.
In other words there was no need to find means of communication during the game. Never mind showing emotion and working the refs. when his quarterback was getting hit by cheap shots by the defense on the field. Where was KD after this cheap shot against Cowan?

Do you think other coaches would let the refs. get away with not making any calls on this kind of hit the week after losing a QB like Ben Olson? May be the opposing Ds now know that they can get away with taking cheap shots at UCLA quarterbacks because our head coach doesn't have the balls or perhaps any interest in raising any h*ll about those cheat shots.

Yeah I am sure they are now putting in the plans for the ND game, but WTF are we doing always reacting instead of not preparing for all scenarios. And BTW I see some of you gushing and praising about DeWayne Walker just because his team tackled some losers from Rice, Stanford, and some other mediocre team, but he was still caught unprepared and out schemed for the biggest game of the season. The UCLA defense giving up more than 250 yards on the ground, 400 yards of offense, still looking like that old defense which has become a laughing stalk across the nation.

Yet another season of following an unprepared, out schemed joke of a football program.

Thanks a lot Dorrell.