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Both of our quarterbacks are in the news today. First, let's start with Ben Olson, who is still vowing to return by the Washington State game and is expecting to start when he ready:

In his first extensive interview since being injured Oct. 7 against Arizona, Olson said he believes he will be the starting quarterback upon returning.

"I hope so," Olson said. "I'm not coming back to sit on the bench. I don't think I've lost my job. Obviously, that's not my call, but I'd be pretty frustrated if that was the case."

Olson, who passed for 822 yards, five touchdowns and five interceptions in leading the Bruins to a 4-1 start, was knocked out in the first quarter against Arizona when Jason Parker hit him well after Olson threw a pass.

"It was a late hit," Olson said. "I'll remember it next year when we play Arizona. They were talking a little bit of trash when I was on the ground, too. So, I'll remember this."

Olson was diagnosed with a partial tear of the medial collateral ligament in his knee and was told he would miss four to six weeks. He had his MRI results sent to the doctor of former USC star and current Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer, who suffered a knee injury in last season's playoffs. Olson said the doctor suggested different braces to wear and rehab exercises.

He will travel with UCLA to No. 10 Notre Dame on Saturday, and hopes to practice next week.

"The thing is you know your body, you know what you're capable of," Olson said. "If it's not where it needs to be, you can't control that. But I truly believe it's not going to take me as long as people think it's going to take. I'm trying to keep up with the game plan, and throwing, and doing what I can right now."
OC Register's Kuwada also has a similar report on Olson's comments about returning against Washington State.

Now, I have already made my thoughts pretty clear on this. Ben has always been our guy here on Bruins Nation.  He is our starter.  But there is no reason for him to rush back until he is completely healthy.  We'd like to see Ben here at least two more years. And I think he is better off making sure he is completely healthy and healed up before returning, instead of risking more damage to the knee by rushing back. Who knows, if Ben is totally healthy and healed up, perhaps he will be able to come back totally rejuvenated, refreshed, and if there is a miracle (emphasize the miracle part), play under a new head coach next season.

As for Pat Cowan, it looks like the coaches are working on contingency plans should he continue experience throat related problems at ND:
UCLA is preparing for the worst.

At practice Tuesday, the Bruins were using alternative play-calling systems just in case -- something they might have worked on anyway in anticipation of facing Notre Dame's legendary home crowd.

Cowan practiced but did not always call signals because team doctors want to limit his talking for now. To compensate, the Bruins used either center Robert Chai or backup quarterback Osaar Rasshan to call plays in the huddle and cadence at the line of scrimmage.

"We're working on our different plans in case his voice is not what it should be," UCLA Coach Karl Dorrell said. "I like the idea of having Robert being in there because he can get with the communication calls with the audibles and stuff like that with the line. With the receivers, it is easier for them because all they have to do is watch the ball.

"There's a number of ways that we can do it. We'll cover all of our bases just in case he does lose his voice. We'll make sure that we'll be able to operate as well as we can."
The question remains though why didn't UCLA "prepare for the worst" before the Oregon game? Shouldn't the coaches have seen it coming after the way BO took a cheap shot in the game before? Shouldn't they have gotten Rasshan ready for Oregon as well?  Again they are reacting this week after the problems experienced last week:
If Cowan can't operate at quarterback, UCLA is prepared to go with Rasshan, a redshirt freshman who has yet to take a snap in a college game.

"We're going to have to take care of all the plans," Dorrell said. "Plan B is to have hand signals ready and then C is to have Osaar ready to play."

Rasshan said he was "more than ready," adding, "I know that I'm one play away from getting in."
That's nice and all. But this is the problem with this mediocre head coach and his average to below average coaching staff. They are never anticipating instead they are always reacting. They are always one step behind. And the trend is pretty clear after four years in Westwood that Karl Dorrell and his football program talk up a great game from Monday to Friday, but too often they get caught with their pants down on Saturdays.

It has gotten real old.