Dorrell Lied About Cowan Coughing Up Blood?

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Earlier this week Dorrell himself floated reports that Cowan was apparently coughing up blood after the Oregon game. Here was Dohn's report on Monday:

UCLA coach Karl Dorrell said Cowan lost his voice late in the loss to Oregon because of a hit to the throat. The hit caused inflammation around his vocal cords and landed Cowan in the emergency room when the team returned from Eugene, Ore., last Saturday.

"He had some problems on the way home from Oregon where it started to swell," Dorrell said. "He was coughing up some blood a little bit, so we went and took him to the emergency room when he landed." I'd assume the story of Cowan coughin up blood was being floated to take heat off Dorrell's decision to quit in the last 5 mins of the Oregon game (when the team was not in hurry up mode).

Well except there is one problem here. It was a lie apparently. Apparently Cowan (eventhough his throat is still little sore) is doing fine and he never coughed up blood during the Oregon game: Quarterback Patrick Cowan, who did not call signals in practice to help save his voice, said that he doesn't expect inflammation around his vocal cords to be a problem Saturday.

"I'm fine, I can talk," said Cowan, who added that he did not cough up blood after last week's game against Oregon even though that had been reported. This is pretty incredible. What was Dorrell doing telling the press that Cowan was coughing up blood when Cowan himself is now saying he never coughed blood. Something is seriously f*cked up here. Was Dorrell lying intentionally? Will someone follow up on this and ask for an explanation? Who floated this rumor?

So if the Bruins don't win this weekend, what will be the (lying?) excuse next game week?

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