CNNSI Mentions Bruins Nation's Poll on Karl Dorrell

Bumped. Let's keep the conversation going and keep getting the facts out on Bruin football. Its clear Karl Dorrell will not be operating in a vacum like how Donahue during the 80s when there was no way of holding coaches accountable outside the limited spaces the local papers gave to its readers. Times are changing. GO BRUINS - N

Stewart Mandel just mentioned the Bruins Nation poll on CNNSI:

You've heard of presidential approval ratings? Well, according to a survey by Bruins Nation, 81 percent of UCLA fans currently disapprove of coach Karl Dorrell. They've turned on him in a hurry, too. Following last year's 10-2 season, his approval rating was at a staggering 50 percent. Looks like the word is getting out.

The local media may want to stay quiet but if we keep talking about this and demanding accountablity, the word will get out. Just goes to show how a little activism can make a difference. Lets all help out Nestor, Menalaus, and keep the pressure on!

Go Bruins!!

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