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Coming "Alive"

So mathematically Karl Dorrell is still not eliminated from meeting the minimum expectations we set for him before this season.

However in order for Dorrell to pull this off he needs a win tomorrow. Check that we need a win tomorrow.  Then instead of celebrating that win and forgive him for all the underachievements of last three seasons, we need to keep in mind he won't be off the hook until he meets the minimum expectations for this season. In other words just winning against the Irish will not do. Beating the Irish will not matter much if this team promptly chokes by losing to Washington State or Oregon State at the Rose Bowl or lose to a pathetic Arizona State squad in Tempe.

With that in mind why is there such a lack of confidence in Karl Dorrell going into tomorrow?

It's because we see Dorrell making comments like this on why his team was embarrassed up in Eugene:

"We were surprised defensively," Coach Karl Dorrell said, a few days later. "We were shocked a little bit with the elements of the game."
I don't really know what to say to that. After hearing all week how that was the game they were all fired up for, Dorrell and co. were shocked?  So going into this week everyone is talking about coaching matchups between ND and UCLA coaches.  Dorrell not surprisingly is anywhere near that conversation on schemes and matchups. The media is writing about Weis v. Walker as if it was Walker who is the only coach in the Bruin sidelines who can make adjustments:
"The game is going to be full of adjustments. To me that's what's going to be the key to this game," said the Bruins' first-year defensive coordinator. "If I show something, he'll adjust. Then I'm going to have to adjust and then he's going to have to adjust."

Walker and the Bruins have the ability to take away things from Quinn, who is 30 yards shy of becoming the 32nd Division I player to pass for 10,000 yards in a career, and the Fighting Irish, who have scored at least 31 points in their past three games.

Defensive ends Justin Hickman and Bruce Davis, who have combined for 12 sacks, will be working at times against freshman right tackle in Sam Young (6-8, 305 pounds).

The Notre Dame line is not overly imposing, with two starters less than 300 pounds, and the Fighting Irish have gained only 3.3 yards per rushing play.

But the pieces, on both sides of the football, will be in motion.

"It's a clash of minds this week," cornerback Rodney Van said. "Charlie Weis, he's an excellent offensive coordinator and he's going to come out with sets, formations and things that are going to trick us around.

"But we here, we all believe in DeWayne. Anything he tells us to be in scheme-wise, we're going to be in. We trust him. And whatever he calls, we can get the job done."
Interesting stuff.  It certainly sounds like Walker is in charge and he is ready to take proactive steps to make adjustments on fly and do what he can to combat whatever CW will throw at him tomorrow.  I don't have total confidence in Walker given how he got hosed by the Oregon OC, but still it gives us some comfort to see that this guy is thinking and pledging to do whatever he can to battle tomorrow afternoon.

But where is Karl? Well he is the offensive genius behind the Bruins' vaunted WCO, which has been sputtering the whole season, an then crashed and burned against Oregon's mediocre defense. So this is what Karl is doing get the offense ready:
UCLA's lack of throwing the deep, or even intermediate, pass bottomed out last week when quarterback Patrick Cowan's longest pass play went for 14 yards. He averaged a paltry seven yards per completion.

And that was in line with UCLA's passing game all season. The Bruins enter Saturday's nonleague game at No. 10 Notre Dame averaging a Pacific 10-low 9.8 yards per completion.

"We've loosened up our throwing game a little bit (in practice), so you're starting to see some things come alive," UCLA coach Karl Dorrell said. "This might be the week."
So basically Karl is hoping that "this might be the week" his offense comes "alive." lol

I wonder by coming "alive" he means that our offense will be in a constant attack mode, for i.e. take a direct shot in the end zone right off a defense getting a turnover deep in the Irish territory.

I wonder by coming "alive" he means that Pat Cowan is going to throw deep every once in a while, perhaps completing passes more than 25 yards.

I wonder by coming "alive" he means that we will see playmakers like Gavin Ketchum getting time, and making inspire players, instead of having to see Bill Plaschke's favorite walkon coming up short in coming up with another crucial catch.

I wonder by coming "alive" he means that we are going to see well coached, crisp offensive outing which is not shooting itself in the foot by making stupid false starts and taking stupid personal penalties?

Well I tell you what we are all going to root for the Bruins to "come alive."  And then in addition to coming alive as I mentioned above we are not only looking for a victory (all the pathetic losers who will be happy with just a moral victory can find another blog or website to celebrate), we will be looking for that inspiring "coming alive" performance to continue for rest of season propelling us to 9 wins and a victory over Southern Cal.

Putting aside all the emotion and anger about the Oregon game (or last seven years), if  Karl Dorrell can lead this team to wins in 4 out of next 6 games, end the season with a victory over Southern Cal, and then win a bowl game, then he can still claim credit for a successful season, and set himself up for a banner year in 2007.

So please come alive Karl.

We are all waiting.