KD on Our Players: They "didn't finish"

I don't think I have ever seen a (such joke of) of a football "coach" so good in passing the buck. From last night's press conference here is KD on how it was his players who "didn't finish" (emphasis mine):

You know, we're disappointed. Those guys, they fought. They put everything out there for us. They wanted to do something special on the road. They are disappointed. They know that they had to win on their grass and didn't finish. And there is the usual nonsense about how the team needs to some more "growing" and "grinding": And then we'll grow from this. We'll have to learn from this and build from the positives of what happened in this game and move forward. We have got five games left with a lot to play in the Pac 10. And this gives you a bad taste in your mouth, but you know what, life's tough sometimes. You've just got to fight through it, keep battling, and sometimes you keep grinding, good things happen at some point. Lastly from Simers on how Dorrell was just sooo excited to experience that kind of loss: OH WOW," said Dorrell, his news conference finished and standing off to the side to reflect again on the emotional U-turn he had just experienced. "I've seen it on TV, but I've never experienced losing a game like this for myself." This guy is turning out to be a bigger tool than Steve Lavin.

At least Lavin won some good games here and there.  In contrast this guy is just a total, incompetent loser, who has no idea of what is it like to take responsbility for his actions (in case there lack of).

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