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Losing Faith

So last week we ran a poll which showed how almost 80 percent of the Bruins Nation disapproves (uh, yeah, we know it is an unscientific one, but with an 80 percent disapproval rating, I don't care if you have a 10 percent margin of error, it tells you something)  of the job Karl Dorrell is doing as the head coach of UCLA's football program. I wonder if there any UCLA fans who still support this (joke of a) football coach. We'll check out samples of what Bruin fans are saying outside the ever growing Bruins Nation.

Here is Bruin fan `LA Seitz' who made the trip to South Bend:

As with any typical UCLA loss, mistakes played a major role, and this game was no different. Lost in the hoopla of the impending victory and sudden defeat was the fact that the winning margin was a field goal made, then missed by Justin Medlock in the first quarter, the successful attempt called back on a false start. But otherwise, the game was surprisingly mistake, well, not quite free, but let's just say there weren't too many mistakes. Only two turnovers on offense, and very few penalties in a tough building in which to play. The defense generally picked up the slack after turnovers.

But in the last few minutes, Karl Dorrell and DeWayne Walker (who really looked like a genius all day), decided to tense up, play conservative, and hope ND wouldn't wake up. Dorrell's three straight "just don't fumble" running plays, and Walker's prevent defense awoke the sleeping giant, and the rest, as they say, is history.
And from another Bruin fan `Billy Zoom' who also made the trip to South Bend to witness the debacle in front of Touchdown Jesus:
Karl Dorrell still does not have a "signature win". Every one of his "signature" games is a loss. Wyoming. Colorado. Fresno State. Last year at Arizona and USC. This year at Washington, his fourth quarter surrender at Oregon. He's now 0-10 against ranked opponents on the road. And this loss feels like one that could really end the season in a hurry.

And then, after a game in which his kids fought so hard, to sit at a podium and say something along the lines of "the kids didn't finish"? It's an absolute disgrace.

Dorrell flushed a program making moment down the tubes on national television, and then couldn't even be a man and admit his mistakes after the game. Just the same empty "we need to improve" cliches and placing the blame on the kids.

All of Karl Dorrell's big moments are "moral victories", when UCLA almost beat somebody. Last I looked, the Pac-10 standings and the BCS computer don't tally those.

You either learn how to wins those games or you get out. I rode the train back to Chicago with some former players, and they echoed that sentiment. Time for Karl Dorrell to pack it in, and for UCLA to pay the money that they certainly have to get a guy in here who can do the job.

The weather in South Bend was perfect Saturday. Too bad Karl Dorrell had to ruin it.
More frustration from JBruin on BRO:
The problem with our team has nothing to do with ability, talent or execution. If our coach knew how to close out a game, we would have won not only this game, but the UW game as well. Again, the reason for the losses are because our coaches play not to lose, rather than play to win. That?s why we need to get rid of KD now. Our players left their hearts out on the field yesterday and our coach disappointed them once again.

Look, I give KD all the credit for cleaning up our program and making it a program that we can be proud of. But cleaning up the program is only one part of it, and eventually we need to start winning. I realize that UCLA fans are a lot more restless since the program across town has done great things. But KD has had almost four years with this program (which is what most players get), and has not shown the ability to get this program to where it needs to be. I know the talent on this team should be even better next year, but the team is pretty good now yet keeps getting screwed by management. KD is not going to change his philosophy, and that is ultimately what will hold this team down as long as we have him as our leader.
And, lastly, back to the blogs, here is UCLA alum Insomniac:
UCLA head coach Karl Dorrell and offensive coordinator Jim Svoboda should not be allowed on the plane back to UCLA. Just leave them in North Bend to screw up something in Indiana for a change. Maybe they can open up a Dairy Queen and just give everything away for free, then wonder why they're going broke despite having so many customers. I don't care what they do, just keep them away from the UCLA campus. They've already caused enough suffering for Bruins fans.

I've never seen coaches put their team in a position to lose like those two did today. As upset as I personally am right now, I really feel for the UCLA players. They left everything on the field and played well enough to win, but it's hard to be victorious when your coaches handcuff and shackle you...and then start shooting you in the ass with tranquilizer darts.
Of course, they are not the only ones.  Since Saturday night we have been reading post after post full of gut punching emotions from UCLA fans all across the nation here on BN. However, one of those posts contained one of most disturbing piece of information I have yet to read on this coaching staff. Bruin fan mentioned how players themselves may be losing faith in this coaching staff:
I was just told last night that there is some conflict between the coaches and the players (on offense).  Apparently they aren't too happy with Dorrell and Svoboda either.
And that post becomes even more disconcerting when you read this telling comment from Chris Markey in the Daily Bruin:
Moving on to next week is a cliche that might not sit well with the UCLA football team. But it's the only thing that this team can do when trying to answer this question: How did the Bruins manage to lose that game?

"Stuff like that happens in football," Markey said. "But I don't know why it always happens to us. It gets old."
Looks like we are not the only one saying this is getting old. Just may be ... may be its not just us - alums, students, and fans - who have lost faith in this incompetent coaching staff. Not a good sign for rest of the season.