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Memory Lane

One last hoops post before we switch back to pigskin heading into Saturday's game. I mentioned Ed and Tyus in my post below. So here is probably one of the five greatest moments in my life, involving those two Bruin legends. It is finally up on YouTube:

Our HT goes to Dump Dorrell for this priceless find.

This video begs the question of where were you that specific moment? As for yours truly, I was watching the game with all my room-mates at our apartment at 403 Landfair Ave. (2nd floor w/ the balcony facing Landfair). Anyways, my 2 room-mates (the 3rd was at the game at Boise) and 10 other friends were huddled in front of the tube in the living room. I remember the moments right before those last 5-6 seconds. It was excruciating.  One of the guys watching the game had all but given up cursing out Jim Harrick for coming up short again. Lol  Anyways ... then the magic happened. Bedlam in the living room. IIRC we broke both our coffee table and the side table.

Everyone poured out on the balconies.

Oh, yeah, it was the Sunday before Finals Week. I had two the next day.  But didn't matter. I was walking on air. So was rest of the Bruin Nation.

So where were you that day or during that very moment? I'd love to hear your memories of those magical 4.8 seconds.

Just 7 days til Ben Ball.

Yeah Baby.

Thank you God/Jesus/Buddha/Allah/Krishna for Ben Howland.


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