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Why the kid gloves?

Apparently there are some other Bruin fans out there on the internets that are yet again waxing poetic about moral victories and how we should give Dorrell a pass by celebrating the heart and toughness of our players.

As we have mentioned already, we love our players. We love the fact that they gave it their all, but that begs the question of why can't they give it their all every weekend, including during those sleepwalking performances against Rice, Arizona, Stanford?

Okay fine. We love the heart and toughness showed by our athletes up in South Bend. But just in case you need another reminder here is another look at the beautiful sights and sounds of Dorrell's most glorious moment yet as the head coach of Bruin football:

Yeap those were the glorious results of the heart and toughness of a Dorrell coached football team.

Those who are asking folks from the Bruin Nation to give Dorrell a pass after last weekend are once again missing the big picture.

It's as if Dorrell apologists want to treat this fourth year coach with kid gloves. A performance like last weekend would have been easier to take if it came during Karl Dorrell's first year, when he should have had his most of his "learning" and "growing" out of the way on how not to snatch defeat from jaws of victory. Instead, it came during Dorrell's fourth year, with a team which he himself hyped as his "best team" to date.

As one of our readers pointed out via an email, just two years after taking over at UCLA, Coach Dick Vermeil took the Bruins into the Rose Bowl, upsetting the number 1 team in the country. Coaches like Vermeil (and we see it in Coach Howland in hoops) expect and demand performance, and don't just spout off about how they expect it during the off season.

So, why is Dorrell being given such a pass and treated like he was a young coach who is just starting to learn how to take over the local little league team? Again, kids who get into UCLA are best of the best in the country. Kids who are recruited to play at UCLA (in every sport) come in expecting to play for a winner.

When we are watching other UCLA sports as alums and students always expect and demand excellence. So, why in the world fans are being asked to be patient with Dorrell (after four years)?

Why are so-called UCLA fans are out there trying to take the heat off on Dorrell by waxing poetic about moral victories and how tough the kids played in one game?

Why are UCLA fans being asked to accept mediocrity and overlook the facts?

Why are we being asked to treat Dorrell with kid gloves?

Yes, we are proud of the effort our kids showed at South Bend. But, we are sick and tired of nonsense excuses from Dorrell apologists waxing poetic about moral victories and how it is not all about just wins and losses.

Some surrender monkeys may like enjoying the pretty sights and sounds of yet another moral victory, but for the rest of reality-based Bruins Nation, we have just about had enough. It has gotten old.


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