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Same tunes out of Westwood

Predictably some player are stepping up to take the heat of an embattled and clueless head coach. Bruce Davis in the Daily Bruin on folks who are criticizing the staff following the ND game:

"If people (blame) our coaches, that's fine. I would say to (those people) that they don't know much about football," Davis said.
Good for Davis to defend his coaches and take responsibility. We can sure hope Dorrell can learn from him on how not to pass the buck.

But Davis is not the first UCLA athlete to defend an embattled and clueless coach while facing legit criticism. Anyone remember this from Earl Watson, one of the better pgs ever to play in Pauley, defending (or should we say feeling sorry for) Steve Lavin?
"Lav never shows the pressure he's under," junior point guard Earl Watson said. "I asked him, 'How can you do this, how can you take this?' Man, it's hard to be in his position. I'm trying to learn how to relieve the pressure of being the UCLA point guard. I asked him what the secret is."
And from the same article written by ESPN douchebag Andy Katz following a classic Lavin fluke win over UNC (kind of like last year's BS "10 win" season), here was Jason Kapono defending Lavin:
"This is a tough place to play," Kapono said. "With coach Lav, it's like he's always following in the footsteps of John Wooden. Win and it's nothing special. Lose and the whole world is collapsing."
Anyways few years later there is no such "pressure" in Howland's program. Everyone is in love with Coach Howland and there are no complaints. Meanwhile, we have the same tune being played in the football program, which we heard for seven years under Stev Lavin. So will the UCLA brass for seven years just like Lavin for the program to completely collapse before taking any decisive action or will they make a smart move by saving the program just like what ND and Florida did with TY and Ron Zook?