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"Holy Macro!": Ben Ball Banquet Video

With 7 days till tipoff, let's continue with another post on Ben Ball. Stumbled upon this great UCLA Basketball banquet video while trolling through YouTube. The Video is split in two parts. The YouTube copies here are slightly blurry, but still pretty sweet.

Here is Part I which includes Aboya tea bagging Noah, lots of facials, fast breaks, rim rattling dunks, alley oops, sick Jordan x-overs, AA?s 360 move to the rack, Cameroon Crazies doing their thing, the Den in total frenzy, Pink making an a$$ out himself, Coach Howland looking in full control and, yes, a sweet clip of Kelvin Kim taking it coast to coast!:

And here is Part II, which includes breath taking clips of the Gonzaga comeback, our incredible run in the Big Dance, and ends with a stirring tribute to senior class of 2006:

Massive props go to Assistant Coach Scott Garson for producing that video of last year's dream run.

Those images of Ced and Ryan on senior day got me thinking of Tyus and Ed's senior day, the last senior day I attended at Pauley as a student.

Powerful stuff.

Just to think where we were just four years ago when Coach Ben Howland came into Westwood, and where we are now, and where we are headed, it's just mind boggling.

All I can say about Ben Ball: love it, live it, and cherish it.

I wish that some day we can write the same things about Bruin football.


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