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On ESPN Assclowns Supporting Incompetent UCLA Coaches

If there is anyone actually buying ESPN's Bill Curry BS on Karl Dorrell, just take another trip down memory lane to read this:

To me, Lavin is Captain Courageous. He has been blasted and ripped big-time in the media over the performance of the up-and-down Bruins. There also seems to be someone leaking out information to create havoc within the UCLA program.

There have been reports of academic problems. There have been stories of a walk-on, the son of Mater Dei High School coach Gary McKnight, getting favorable treatment. The article said the younger McKnight was admitted to the University through Lavin's recommendation.

Give me a break! Lavin has faced unbelievable scrutiny and pressure. Over the last five years, he has persevered despite numerous obstacles. The situation is unfair; every game he must prove himself. Think about his record: three Sweet 16 appearances, one journey to the Elite Eight and a Pac-10 title.

Why don't people simply let the guy do his job and coach? If the administrative hierarchy wants to make a change at the end of the season, so be it. Give Lavin and his kids a chance to reach their potential instead of having to hear rumors, rumors and more rumors.

After the win at Stanford, there was frustration galore over the Lavin rumors. UCLA's leader, guard Earl Watson, said he was tired of it, saying that the team just wanted to go out and play hoops.

What about the character of this team? Lavin deserves respect for his preparation for the Stanford game. The Bruins, coming off a 29-point blitzing by California, came back with a spirited practice on Friday. That session lasted over 45 minutes longer than the prescribed time. The Bruins were focused and intense. Billy Knight was lighting it up in practice, hitting 3-pointer after 3-pointer. My partner and buddy Brent Musberger and I looked at each other and said Knight had to be on the floor against Stanford.

Sure enough, Lavin inserted him into the starting lineup and he responded with 22 big points. He sparked the Bruins, hitting big shot after big shot. In fairness to Stanford, the Cardinal was shorthanded. Two key contributors never left the bench, while a third was limited. Shot blocker Curtis Borchardt (foot) and guard Julius Barnes (ankle) did not play. Ryan Mendez gave it his all, but he was laboring with the flu and a 101-degree temperature.

Take nothing away from UCLA as it played with purpose. Watson, Knight, Jason Kapono, Dan Gadzuric and company were ready to perform. It was special for them to walk out of Maples with a second straight upset over Stanford. Remember, this is a program which lost Jerome Moiso and JaRon Rush. Imagine where UCLA would be if both players stayed in school.

Lavin has not folded under pressure. He got his kids ready to play at Stanford. His UCLA teams have improved heading into the NCAAs.

The troubling times are legit. Not one administrator has stepped forward to say Lavin is our coach or will be in the future. They haven't put the nonsense aside, so everywhere he goes, people talk about Rick Pitino sitting on the sidelines, ready to return to the college game.

Whether it's signs or vocal taunts, Lavin has heard it everywhere. It's a tough time, but at age 36, he has a world of experience. He has battled adversity, which should help in his coaching future, whether at UCLA or elsewhere. He signed a six-year rollover contract in 1999. Little more than a year later, suddenly he doesn't know how to coach? Lavin is bright enough and sharp enough to succeed; someone in the administration has to stand tall.

Why not let him operate under the best of conditions? Give him all the resources to get the job done, and that includes support. If he doesn't get it done, then ultimately make the change. I have my doubts that he has the genuine support needed to run the big-time program.

Congratulations to Lavin for not letting the situation affect his preparation in getting his team ready to perform.
And that one was WWL's chief basketball guru Duke Vitale. At lease Dukee's vomit came after one of Lavin's charade win over Stanford (the ones that kept him on the job a little longer to further destroy the hoops program). Curry's nonsense is coming after yet another classic Dorrell 'moral victory'.

These clowns do not have much credibility when it comes to commenting on coaching situations on teams they do not follow day to day. Tune these assclowns out.

Okay okay. I need to be fair and not lump in all ESPN "analysts" into the "assclown" category. But suffice to say former loser, has been coaches, who have been fired from their previous gigs for not doing their jobs, now posting as "experts", "pundits" on ESPN are really nothing but no talent assclowns. Case in point here is a little highlight from Bill Curry's resume via the Wiki:
Bill Curry did make some mistakes in his career. While at Georgia Tech, he famously fired assistant coach Steve Spurrier, who would go on to coach Duke to the ACC championship, as well as the National Championship at Florida. While the head coach at Kentucky, Curry's Wildcats lost every meeeting with Spurrier's Gators.

Bobby Ross succeeded Bill Curry (1980-86) at Georgia Tech and led the Yellow Jackets to a share of the National Championship in 1990. He also coached the San Diego Chargers to their only Super Bowl appearance.

Gene Stallings succeeded Bill Curry (87-89) at Alabama and led the #2 ranked Crimson Tide to the 1992 Nat'l Championship by defeating #1 Miami in the Sugar Bowl.
And to top it off the clown had a 43% winning record during his mediocre coaching career (79-84-4). No wonder the dude loves being protective of other losers. Just like Vitale was always ferocious in defending Lavin.

Anyways every member of Bruins Nation should give these no talent asslcowns a big f*ck you because they will never have the best interest of UCLA community in mind when commenting on our programs (and nothing serves as a better evidence than the piece excerpted above).