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It's Time to Do It Again

That was disgusting.

And, the streak continues.  

That's right, Washington State has won three consecutive games at the Rose Bowl.  

They've also beaten the Bruins 8 out of the last 11 times.  

UCLA has been downright owned by Washington-freaking-State for a little more than a decade.  

So, we've been here before - all too often.  But, even though the opportunity was squandered, something good actually happen once when we lost to Washington State.  Remember this guy?

Almost four years ago, we witnessed the last game that Bob Toledo ever coached for UCLA.  It was a 27-48 loss to Washington State at the Rose Bowl on December 7, 2002.  Two days later, Toledo was dismissed, and this article appeared in the campus newspaper:

UCLA head football coach Bob Toledo was fired Monday, two days after the Bruins (7-5, 4-4 Pac-10) finished the season with a 48-27 loss to Pac-10 champion Washington State (10-2, 7-1). ...

 "I felt a change in leadership was necessary," said first-year UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero, addressing the media Monday. ...

 "I did not want to create a situation where going into next year the first transgression that one of our kids may have, or the first bad call a coach would make, would dredge up some really negative things in this program," Guerrero added. "Our student-athletes didn't deserve that."  ...

"We want every one of those games to be competitive," Guerrero said. "What is important in the last two games... is that our players were prepared and played hard and what that shows is the gap between our program and those two programs that exist. We need to close that gap." ...

"The tough part of this whole thing was it was Bob Toledo, and he is a good man," Guerrero said.

"We want to have a national caliber program here, certainly top 25 every year," he added.

According to another report:

"We need to raise the bar, we need to start winning Pac-10 championships again," Guerrero said at a campus news conference.

At the time, I was pretty happy with Dan Guerrero.  He made the right decision.  He knew that, despite the fact that Toledo was a nice man, UCLA had higher goals, and a change in leadership was required to attain them.

Dear Mr. Guerrero:  it's time to do it again.

As we all know, on this day, October 28, 2006, Karl Dorrell's Bruins lost 15-37 to Washington State at the Rose Bowl.

As in 2002, this should be our head football coach's last game at UCLA.  

Mr. Guerrero, please.  We don't need to wait for KD to match Toledo by losing his fourth straight game to Southern Cal before making a change.  You must be seeing the same things we are.  Do the right thing, just as you did once before.

Consider this your post-game thread.