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An idea?

Here is an idea. It's a good bet that lot of high profile D-1 programs will be looking for head coaches for their football programs by the end of this season. UNC has already taken the Florida/UND step of firing its incompetent coach during the season so that it can already pursue or put the feelers out for its high profile target. And after the season is over it's a good bet that there could be openings at North Carolina State, Florida State, Michigan State, places where the athletic programs will not spare expenses to go after high profile coaching candidates.

So where does that put UCLA which may find itself in a tough market if it were also looking for a HC along with other high profile programs? Here is an idea. Again let me emphasize this is just an idea. How about hiring Dick Vermeil as a 3-4 year bridge head coach, who can come in and stabilze this dead program (still with more over all talent than any other program in the Pac-10 except for Southern Cal and Cal), buying DG time to go after and land the perfect coaching candidate ala Ben Howland for football in next three years.

Coach Vermeil still has the fire. He can come into Westwood at the end of this season, easily hold on to our small 9-10 person recruiting class, and then put together a huge season harnessing the talent of two experienced returning QBs, and an experienced roster. He would then be able to bring in a huge recruiting class for 07-08 season, which right now has about 25+ scholies to hand out.

So how about it? It could be very cool to have a sage Coach Vermeil back in blue and gold at the UCLA sidelines:

He'd easily reignite the passion and fire in the UCLA football program, and then perhaps make the way for a great coach who would come over and hit the ground running with a rejuvenated football program.

What do you think? Again this is just a food for thought. The easy argument against what I am suggesting is that opposing coaches will use the uncertain situation of having Vermeil in just for a transition period against us in recruiting. I think Vermeil with a good coaching staff would be more than capable of rebutting such negative recruiting tactics. Besides they'd be able to produce results on the field, which would make such tactics all but moot.

Again I am just thinking out loud here and I'd like to hear what ideas you may have.