Tshirt Mockup: Vote Here

Ok here are the mockups that kdblows came up with. Im not going to say anything but just show them to you and let you decide and comment.

Once we get a sense what people think, then we will start taking orders.  That will be through  We will have a limited edition of 500 shirts so that we can get them to your door before the OSU game.   They will be 100% cotton, come in these three colors below and probably be $16 to your door.  

The online petition is coming next, hopefully we will have that up tomorrow to viral the heck out of.  Dan Guerrero will hear from thousands!

Here are the 3 designs to choose from:

Design Choice A: Save Football

Design Choice B: No Guts No Glory

Design Choice C: Plain And Simple

Ok, this is tough getting 300 words in. I might have to take a post from my site to be able to post this.

We need a new coach!  Get the word out.  Email this post to your friends (email link at the bottom of this post), put this post or this list on your Facebook, Myspace, or website pages.  Email sportswriters, the Daily Bruin, and the administration.      

The Lose Lavin movement helped in finally convincing the administration to act and now we have Ben Howland and a program firmly rooted in UCLA excellence.  We are not far from getting the same done with football too.  We have already seen an affect on the local media.  Before there was the internet, we had to hope the local papers would hear us or publish our letter to the editor to be heard.  Now we don't need any intermediaries. We have the internet, straight to the people. Spread the word!  Go Bruins!!!

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