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Time to get (the offense) going

CFN channels Bruins Nation (emphasis mine):

UCLA had better get its offense going next week against Arizona or there's a ceiling on how high the team can go. Stanford's offense isn't doing anything, so there's no reason to get too excited about a dominant performance from the defense even with seven sacks and a brilliant day from the secondary. Ben Olson just barely missed on some of his passes; watch for the air attack to get sharper over the next few weeks as he gets more and more in tune with his receivers. With road games at Oregon, Notre Dame and California over the next five weeks, the Arizona game is vital.
Meanwhile the guys from Dump Dorrell have posted a nice interview with AZ Daily Star's Brendan Johnson, who is expecting the Bruins to have an easy time with the Mildcats:
I haven't seen much of UCLA this year.  I saw five minutes of the Rice game and I watched the first half of the Stanford game on a re-run.  Obviously UCLA didn't get it's offense going until the second half of that game.  That said, Arizona has yet to show an ability to move the ball.  Until they do, it will take very little to beat this team.  Do I think Arizona has the potential to win this game?  Yes.  Do I think they will? No

UCLA 27  Arizona 10
Bruins have the talent to post a complete and comfortable win on their way to Oregon. The question is will Dorrell and his staff get the job done? What do you think?