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Payback Time: Arizona Game Day Round-Up

There are absolutely no excuses for the Bruins not to come out with their hair on fire today, with the thoughts of last year's debacle in Tucson indelibly etched in their memories. As someone who made the long drive to Tucson last year to personally witness the Bruins absolutely lay down and have their collective manhood forcibly taken from them, it's time for a little revenge.

Lonnie White at the LAT kicks it off with a feature on FR WR Terrence Austin, and how he is gaining confidence trying to replace last seasons all-everything PR, MJD. TA also hints at a theme that has defined Dorrell's tenure at UCLA thus far:

"Every day we go over it in practice, and that's to always make the safe play," said Austin, whose 21.2 punt-return average is second in the Pacific 10 Conference. "We had set up a nice return, and I saw the ball coming. All I had to do was catch it and go, but I wasn't able to get there. Instead of having a 70-yard big return, we ended up with a turnover.

I hope the coach will turn these kids lose today and let them do their thing.

Bruce Davis agress that the Bruins have payback on their minds:

"Since we walked off that field in Tucson, I can't wait to pay these guys back. We have a lot to prove because they really ruined our season last year.

Now for some news from enemy territory. The Arizona Republic has an article about how UA is Looking for a Repeat Against the Bruins. However, their prediction of the outcome belies the article's title:

Bottom line
Until UA can prove it can score more than one touchdown per game against a Division I-A opponent, it is difficult to expect the Cats to win. UCLA's offense won't do much, either, but a little is better than nothing.

UCLA 13, UA 10

The Tucson Citizen has a piece on one of UA few go-to players, WR Syndric Steptoe

I also stumbled across this Q&A with Greg Hanson regarding an Arizona perspective on the game and UCLA in general. Apparently, Mike Stopps does not think that it is intimidating to play in the Rose Bowl. If you are going to the game, do your part to make him change his mind.

Finally, a warning about traffic if you are lucky enough to be heading to the Rose Bowl today.

Go Bruins!