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More Questions After Another Scrimmage Win

Bruins with another scrimmage win against a bottom feeding Pac-10 team. The defense looked amazing against one of the worst offensive teams in the nation. We will take it though.

Willis celebrating his TD (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

But the concern still remains with this boring, lackluster, and uninspiring offense. Olson went out with an injury and we will keep our fingers crossed that it is nothing serious.  However, we still failed to take advantage of an efficient performance by Pat Cowan (20-29-203-2td-0int) by not putting away Arizona early. We could have put the game away much earlier if our play calling was more aggressive (i.e. settling for FGs instead of TDs). It took a sensational pick-6 from a freshmen CB to put this game away. Sooner or later the lack of killer insticts in offense will come back to haunt us. Oh well.

Starting next weekend we are not going to have any margin for error. But to me right now after five games in this season there are more questions than answers about Dorrell's program. What are your thoughts, reactions? This is our post game (or for lot of us Dodger in game) open thread.