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The Duck Secondary

Do the Ducks have a pretty good pass defense? They have certainly have posted some decent numbers in terms of pass efficiency defense. They held ASU's Carpenter and co. to 33 passing yards. However, Oregon fans themselves are not all that impressed. Their CBs did get lit up a little when it went up against fast Cal WRs.

But that doesn't mean our WRs will have an easy time up in Eugene. Our WRs didn't make any huge plays up in Washington. And when they line up against the Duck secondary tomorrow afternoon they are going to face some tough Duck safeties who can lay the wood on their opponents. Check out J.D. Nelson who can do a pretty good impersonation of Chris Horton in the backfield (HT to Lightning Strikes):

You think that was impressive, here is another one against Fresno State.

We are going to need to make some big plays via our passing game early on to open up the running game. Let's hope Cowan and his recievers are ready.

This is hell of a way for Cowan to break in with UCLA football. First Oregon on the road, and then at ND. The running game will really need to step up next week. If we can put together a legit running attack that will make our play actions more effective, and give PC more opportunity to manuever on the road. However, as you can see Oregon secondary is not going to be total a pushover.

Someone will need to step up. Who will it be? Breazell, Everett, Paulsen, Moya or Markey who had a huge game against the Ducks three years ago?