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On the Road

We will start with the status on our starting quarterback. Ben Olson is supposed to have an MRI today. Here is the latest update from the LA Times:

The first report on Olson, who will have an MRI test today, was that he suffered a ligament sprain in his left knee. If that is the case, Olson could be sidelined for only a couple of weeks. But if his injury is worse, Olson could be done for the year.
Let's keep our fingers crossed that Ben's injury is nothing worse than a knee sprain. BTW as the Daily News notes BO is not the only key player who may sit out this weekend. Christian Taylor also injured his ankle against Zona. We will probably find out more about Taylor today as well.

The LA Times also has Dorrell's reaction when BO went down (emphasis mine):
"I've told Pat that you're always one play away. We kind of smiled at each other when that happened and I told him that this was his shot and for him to go out there and make the most of it."
Hmm.  Not sure exactly how to react to that comment. So when BO went down the entire Bruins Nation was holding its collective breath, hoping for the best, Dorrell was smiling about the injury? Kind of bizarre. Well lot of things about this head coach is just weird and off.

One of the things that are off about Dorrell is pulling of road wins over winning teams. Has Dorrell ever won a game on the road against a winning team? Nope. Dorrell has 0 win against team with winning record on the road.

The most impressive road win in Dorrell's career came in 2004 when his team beat a 5-6 Oregon Ducks team in Eugene by a score of 34-26.  That is it. That's the only impressive road (calling it impressive is being generous) win in Dorrell's average coaching resume. His most notable road win last year was a come from behind over time win against a 4-7 team Washington State team. He of course lost the last two road games in a humiliating fashion, and continued the trend this year in Seattle.

And the Oregon team we are going to face this season will be a little different than the 5-6 team from two years ago. We already took a look into Oregon last night. OC Register has more on the Ducks and how Cowan is getting ready for them:
The Oregon Ducks are 47-9 on their home field since 1997, including September victories over Stanford and Oklahoma, and they took a string of 42 consecutive sellouts into the season.

But the prospect of playing at Autzen didn't elicit much of a response from Cowan after he had completed 20 of 29 passes in the Bruins' 27-7 victory over Arizona after Olson went down with what is believed to be a torn medial collateral ligament.

"It's going to be fun, it's going to be new experiences, new places," Cowan said. "But when it comes down to it, it's just 100 yards. You just play football, and you can't let the outside distractions or anything get to you."

The Ducks still are leading the Pac-10 and are 11th among 119 Division I teams in pass defense, even after absorbing a 45-24 loss at Cal on Saturday. Oregon has allowed opponents to complete 50.7percent of their passes and an average of only 154 yards per game.

"It will be an experience," Cowan said. "I guess we'll see (what happens) next week. The team is confident, the way we're playing, and we just have to go play football."
So if the team is confident and the coaches are not planning to change anything up in offense, this would be a good time for the Bruins to pick up a quality win on the road against a team that actually has a winning record. Dorrell has had four years in this program. It is time for him to do something notable.  Saturday afternoon he will get yet another opportunity against a hungry and talented Ducks team.