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A Tragic Comedy

UCLA's secondary is becoming a total mess.  And there are some conflicting reports coming out of Westwood. Looks like different people are telling different stories to Bruin beat reporters.  Here is Kuwada from the OC Register (emphasis mine throughout):

UCLA's secondary has become the Bruins' primary concern. And in Saturday's 37-15 loss to Washington State, the bad news came in threes.

The Bruins lost their 15-14 lead in the third quarter before losing their third consecutive game.

And while it's a bit unfair to single out No. 3 for UCLA - junior cornerback Rodney Van - he and the UCLA secondary did next to nothing to stop the Cougars passing offense.

But Washington State didn't just knock on Van's door. Quarterback Alex Brink had a season-high 405 passing yards - the eighth-highest total in school history. [...]

Van was pulled midway through the third after Hill went 19 yards on a third-and-9 play from the WSU 36. Gibson scored on a 17-yard pass a play later to give Washington State a 20-15, game-clinching touchdown.
Was Van "pulled"?  Not according to Van. The Daily News reports that Van sat himself out in the second half after getting torched in the first:
After UCLA cornerback Rodney Van was beaten on a 34-yard reception by Washington State's Jason Hill, he made a decision he believed was heady, and in the best interest of his team.

Van benched himself.

He was already beaten for three touchdowns in Saturday's 37-15 loss, and the 34-yard catch was the third straight play on which Van gave up a completion.

Freshman Alterraun Verner took over, and the Cougars were held to a field goal on the drive as the Bruins remained in striking distance at 23-15 late in the third quarter.

"I pulled myself out of the game because, honestly, I felt I was hurting our team. I honestly did," Van said. "I felt things were going wrong for me. I don't like playing in a game when I know there's somebody else behind me.

"We have a big motto on our board: `Don't let your teammates down.' Saturday, I felt I was letting my teammates down. I'm glad I did it because it showed my levelheadedness and team spirit."
Hey that's good for Van. But now I am really confused.  So Van wasn't pulled?  He benched himself?  You mean the coaches didn't try to stop the bleeding in the first half when he was getting lit up by Brink?  It took Van himself to take him out of the game?  Who is in charge of this team? What was DeWayne Walker doing?

Speaking of him, I still don't get the love for Walker.  The man got outschemed the first time he took on a decent offense against Oregon. And although I will not pin the Notre Dame loss against him, it was still his defense which fell apart in 3 plays in last 62 seconds basically looking like that same UCLA defense (in those 62 seconds) that couldn't tackle Miami on December 5, 1998. And then it followed up by giving up more than 500 yards last weekend at home. I know they are an exhausted bunch. But still, right now, what is coming out of Westwood in terms of these contradicting reports paint the picture of a total confused and chaotic mess.

But, of course, all this is part of the "growing" process of Dorrell's program. On cue, here he is in the LA Times:
"We're going to continue to go through our growing pains in a number of different ways," said Dorrell about UCLA's offense, which ranks eighth in total yards in the Pacific 10 Conference, ahead of only Arizona and Stanford. "The biggest point for us is to get our players in position to make plays."
I know. I know. KD was referring to his "offense." But it's all the same at this point.  This is sheer comedy, just like the last years of Steve Lavin. A tragic comedy.

May be, just may be the end is near us.