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The Thinker's (Joke of a) Football Program

An ad in LA's Craigslist:

UCLA-Oregon St. Cheap!!!!! 1/3 price - $11
Reply to:
Date: 2006-11-05, 10:35PM PST

Go see former UCLA QB Matt Moore piss all over the sorry-assss Bruins. Please bring a "Fire Dorrell" sign to the game. Guy has to go.

Unloading my tickets at 1/3 price.

4 tix together: Section 15-L Row 17.
2 tix together: Section 15-L Row 70.

Face value on these is $33 each. Selling for $11 each. Local pickup.
You can buy Dump Dorrell t-shirts by going here, and if you haven't done so, sign the petiton to Dump Dorrell (now over 600) by going here. You can see this movement has clear gone beyond the Bruin blogosphere.

Oh and bornagainbruin also has a list of why the Thinker's football program has become a national joke.

Happy Friday.