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Game Day (Oregon State) Open Thread ...

Here we go. Lot of interesting games in the national scene already in the books this afternoon. Georgia shocks Auburn. Wisconsin with an impressive win at Iowa. Nothing of importance at the Rose Bowl except for the Bruins trying to stay alive for the Hawaii Bowl.

It's a classic tale of 2 QBs.

Will Matt Moore hammer in one of the nails in the Thinker's coffin or will Pat Cowan finally get his first win as a starting QB for UCLA?

Photo Credits: Cowan (Daily News), Moore (AP)

Here are some key notes on today's game from Dump Dorrell.

A game against Oregon State should of course be a comfortable win for Bruins at the Rose Bowl. An easy win is not going to change the fact UCLA needs to change the course by dumping Dorrell.

Anyways this is our game day thread.

The stage is all yours. Fire away.